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For the winter season we have prepared a selection of “TAPAS” tasting for you.

….. and tapas without a glass of wine or good beer ???? 
                      COME AND TASTE!

Tapas is synonymous for small snacks.  It's a way of eating that is popular in a friends company or more people sharing a table together.
The name comes from the Spanish word tapar, which means "cover". Allegedly, it was customary to cover glasses with slices of bread or slices of ham in evening sipping in the fresh air to avoid the insects, and the pubs began to serve sausages with various snacks for that purpose.


1 ks Chicken grilled minisouvlaki with lemon olive oil 45,-
1 ks Beef grilled minisouvlaki with lemon olive oil 75,-
1 ks Pork grilled minisouvlaki with lemon olive oil 65,-
80 g Beef carpaccio wirh capers and parmesan 95,-
50 g Tyrolean dried bacon with tomato and parsley 75,-
100 g Cold grilled pork knuckle with horseradish and mustard 65,-
100 g Ardennes pate with cranberries and rucola 75,-
80 g Spicy sausage 75,-
80 g Smoked cheese with honey dressing 85,-
80 g Goat cheese with cranberries 85,-
50 g Kardoula peppers stuffed with cheese 75,-
50 g Greek figs, dates stuffed with cheese 85,-
80 g Tzatziki 50,-
50 g Greek mix of olives 50,-
1 ks Chocolate soufle 95,-
1 ks Kataifi or Baklava 35,-
1 ks Grilled pita bread with oregano 35,-
SEEFOD MEZE OFFER / from 9.11.2018 /
80 g Marinated salmon in oil 75,-
80 g Octopus with rocket, pink pepper and Parmesan cheese 95,-
80 g Mussels in seasoning sunflower oil 85,-
80 g Squid with olive dip 85,-
80 g Sepia with lemon balsamic and tomatoes 85,-
80 g Shrimps with tomato dip and lemon 85,-